The journey to healthier living and embracing a more natural lifestyle began a couple of years ago for the founder of ArubaLife Organics. The focus shifted towards eating nutrient-dense food, reducing stress, and cutting back on unhealthy habits. As the founder became more conscious of the toxic chemicals present in everyday household and personal care products, they started to eliminate these toxic items and replace them with safer and more natural alternatives. However, finding these products on a small island where most items are imported was both expensive and sometimes impossible.

Fueled by creativity, a love of crafting, the founder started making their own personal care products. Research led to experimentation, and soon they were making all-natural makeup. When the founder became pregnant and decided to work from home, the opportunity to fill a gap in the market for natural and organic makeup on Aruba presented itself, and ArubaLife Organics was born.

The brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings, starting with selling products from home and at local markets, to now having its own website and online shop. The founder hopes to inspire and spread awareness through their brand.The brand offers a range of suncare, personal care, and makeup products, all environmentally friendly and as zero waste as possible

In 2014 ArubaLife Organics has made a name for itself by creating the first reef-safe mineral sunscreen on the island, setting a new standard for sun protection that is both effective and environmentally responsible. Reef-safe sunscreen is important for the protection of coral reefs and other aquatic wildlife, but also our own body. Conventional sunscreens contain ingredients, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, that have been shown to have negative impacts on coral reefs and other marine life. These chemicals can cause coral bleaching, harm the reproductive and developmental processes of marine animals, and disrupt the overall balance of the underwater ecosystem. By using reef safe sunscreen, you can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that are introduced into the ocean, protect these delicate, but important ecosystems. And not to forget, we are lessening our body’s chemical burden, too.