Marion H. Gérard was born in Bordeaux in 1963. Established in Quebec since 1990, this painter has perfected her art with artists such as Georges Dédoyard, Nicolaï Kupriakov, Tom Hopkins and a group of other equally renowned artists. Marion H. Gérard has participated in several international exhibitions in the cities of Barcelona, Brussels, Montreal, Paris, Toronto, Monastir, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe and her last exploits in Saint-Nicolas, Aruba!

2015 Marion H. Gérard successfully explored the fusion of two arts, which only a small elite group could deepen: “underwater painting.” Such late André Laban pioneers of this art for more than fifty years. Marion H. Gérard works in the depths of her supernatural studio, to capture the fluidity of the seabed and bring to the surface an impressionist and original work still unknown to the human eye.

It was in 2016 that the committed artist recorded a Guinness record with a painting dive to 106 feet/32.40 m in water at 3 degrees at Carrière Morrison in Chealsy, Quebec Canada.

The artist has been the recipient of several prizes, notably in 2017 the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec, the same year a Cybèle prize at the gala of culture in visual art as well as the highest distinction of his adopted city Order of Saint-Eustache, thus becoming: “great citizens”.

2018, the artist explores plastics and presents “Rollande” a sculpture of more than 900 plastic bottles representing a salamander 5 meters/fifteen feet long which is submerged 18 meters/sixty feet, at the Flintkote Quarry Museum in Thetford Mines (Quebec) for the greatest pleasure of divers.

2020 Marion H. Gérard sets off again to explore the depths of the Caribbean Sea, an opening which will be interrupted by the decree of the so-called “COVID“ Coronavirus

A hiking accident nails the artist in a seated position.

2022! Artist in residence in Aruba is asked to participate in the international Aruba Art Fair has finally extended its stay in order to create a new collection that is ever brighter and committed to the protection of the coral reef and the marine environment under the pseudonym of GUTU!

“Gutu” presents his new unpublished works.