Artistic Approach


Born at the edge of the ocean, I have always been captivated by the incessant oscillation of the waves. My body language is imbued with strong colors and overflows with energy. Driven by this passion since childhood, I transmit my vision of life.

The waltz of colors that I apply on my canvas is inspired by the multiple waves of light on the ocean. They are countless. The blues of the day, the yellows, the oranges of a sunset, the fire like the water are in eternal movement. I remain hypnotized by the power of this rainbow of colors that I find through the pigments and the texture offered by the paint.

I encountered several schools of thought that led me to combine different techniques and brought out several aspects of my personality. Sometimes my formal and figurative side by applying the paint in thin translucent layers using a brush, sometimes my informal and rebellious side thanks to the vibrations of the spatula and the knife with which I place the paint on the canvas. Like the powerful wave of the ocean that breaks on the beach and mixes with the grains of sand, I apply the colors directly to the canvas with force and impasto. I like to flirt between acrylic and oil, even if I prefer oil painting in which I perceive more malleability and sensuality. Like the back and forth of the wave that hammers the shore, I pose, deposit my painting until I feel the little extra that will make the difference. The multiple transformations of the environment have an impact that is always very present in my works, since water is part of my universe.

It was during the spring of 2014 that a new adventure presented itself. The fusion of my passions, painting and scuba diving. How did I find myself at the bottom of the water immortalizing the environment and the energy of different dive sites? I painted paintings in the lakes of Quebec, the blue of the Mediterranean, the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific and the wonders of the Caribbean Sea. I have thus witnessed the beauty of the seabed and the pollution that settles there.

I am thus committed to participating in the awakening of consciences, by offering a series of exhibitions of underwater paintings focused on the importance of the environment and the preservation of water.